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Show me the monkey! [Jan. 23rd, 2007|10:44 pm]
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I loved this episode. I waited a long time for it, and it was worth it.

Dick took a picture of Little Dick and tossed it out the window, and it was implied that this is an activity which he partakes in frequently. When an ep starts out like that, you know you're in for something good. Furthermore, Dick lounges around Logan's apartment in nothing but his bathrobe. And girls are a "distraction." Is it just me or were an awful lot of the Logan scenes tinged with homoeroticism?

I can't wait for the fic.

Mac is back. Mac is awesome. For once someone meets Veronica and Mac and goes for the Macster. I'm sick of everyone being in love with V. She's hot and all but she's veering dangerously close to the land of Mary Sue. Mac's issues seemed pretty realistically handled.

As opposed to Parker's. Which was one of the really annoying things about this episode. Parker was raped. She had her head shaved and woke up (presumably) naked and violated. Mac's incident is farther in the past and kind of less violent. I'm not a psychiatrist, but it seems like Parker should still have issues, instead of being all BOYS BOYS BOYS I AM NOT GAY FOR VERONICA MARS I SWEAR BOYS BOYS!!

The Canada room was awesome. They had a moose and the One Week song. And Veronica doing her little dance to it. Which was gorgeous and should be an icon.

Piz gets love. I was skeptical about him as a love interest, but that dinner scene made me like him. He's sweet and absolutely fucking gorgeous and he likes her. He hasn't been corrupted by Neptune. I want him.

And then she went and got back together with Logan and left me thrashing around on the couch yelling "NO! NOT LOGAN! HE'S UGLY!" There are better reasons they shouldn't be together (Clashing personalities, her trust issues, his overprotectiveness, the bitchiness from both sides, etc.) but that was the only decent one I could think of, and it's not even true. Jason D is not the most attractive cast member, but he's hardly hideous. Teddy Dunn was much prettier. So is Chris Lowell. And whoever plays Landry.

It looks like next episode is going to split them up again. This makes me happy. I'm LoVe-neutral and all, so I don't hate them, but I'm completely bored by them.

The animal cruelty people were awesome. Particularly the girl with the dark hair and the glasses. I want her. Now. And the scientists were adorable, too.

Monkeys are cute. Oscar made me squeeeeeeee.

Is it just me or is the show being very political about being non-political? We've had feminists, and they're crazy. And now we have environmentalists, and they're a little bit crazy too. Not nearly as bad as the Lilith House and actually kind of sweet and fun and rational, but they're definately being mocked. RT seems determined to make fun of every crazy college group there is. We've had lots of Greek-mocking as well.

[User Picture]From: meronica_vars
2007-01-24 09:08 am (UTC)
Dick is love. He should get together with Veronica and discuss their shared passion. photography.

I'm a little worried about parker too. To be honest, neither Veronica or Parker ever really demonstrated much fallout from what has happened to them. It would make for too much angst i guess. but like you said Mac was dealt with well this episode.

Ok I hate Piz. Loathe loathe loathe but at the end of this episode... I felt his pain. Im in australia so i havent seen the trailer but it gives me hope that this was all a gross fluke. Or maybe a dream sequence.
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[User Picture]From: cartoondoggy
2007-01-24 03:34 pm (UTC)
Hey if youre interested in the politics of Veronica Mars you should check out this new book they're releasing: Neptune Noir. It focuses on Veronica Mars and the issues the cover. It looks kinda cool.
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[User Picture]From: jeannie_bean137
2007-01-25 04:59 am (UTC)
JD? Ugly? Yeah...I pretty much zoned out on this review after that.
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[User Picture]From: lynxiewyvern
2007-01-26 06:07 am (UTC)
He's not actually ugly. He's just kind of funny looking. In a way that is kind of cute. My opinion on JD's attractiveness changes every five minutes or so.
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