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House. Gah! [Jan. 9th, 2007|10:24 pm]
[Tags|, ]

I'm disappointed.

Ah, House. Have you jumped the shark for good?

Cameron's bangs annoyed me more than usual in this episode. They've been that hideous ever since she got them, but for some reason they really, really got on my nerves this time around.

Her bangs were not the only exceptionally irritating thing about Cam in this episode. She's just so irritatingly smarmy. One of the reasons I like the show is that most of the characters are selfish bitches. House, Chase, Foreman . . . all bitches. Cuddy, Wilson, and Cameron bring in the emotion. Cuddy and Wilson do it in a reasonable entertaining sort of way. Cameron is just annoying now.

Don't accuse me of anti-Cam bias. I used to kind of enjoy her. Cameron is best when she's played as just as heartless as the rest, but slightly less aware of it.

House being snarky about rehab was the only real bright spot. House is way too cynical to appreciate the twelve steps, and I can't see him accepting a higher power. Making little clay intestines, smoking next to the thank-you-for-not-smoking sign, being amusing in group therapy -- this is old school House, and it's delicious.

If only I could say the same for the rest of the episode.

I can think of at least three groups of shippers overjoyed by this ep, and that's another good thing.

So, the other good things.

Uh . . .

The Patient of the Week was irritating. I don't know about the medical plausibility of what they did, but I don't watch the show for its realism. All I know is that the brain-frying thing made my Dad crack up. And not stop. For, like, five minutes. It was six kinds of irritating because I was trying to listen to the badly-written duckling dialogue.

The love-triangle-that-wasn't was also really lame and boring. What is it with House and doomed love? And where was Foreman to save it? We know how Foreman feels about doomed love.

Foreman. He exists. So does Chase. They are both much, much more interesting than Cameron. Chase has daddy issues and a more than healthy sense of self-preservation. Foreman is almost more arrogant than House. They are fantastic. They are never smarmy. Why can't we have more episodes about them?

The deus ex machina was convenient. The lady judge was kind of fun. House/Cuddy shippers everywhere are madly in love with her.

And Wilson and House are good again. That makes my House/Wilson heart fill with joy. I got tired of them being angsty at each other. The next episode needs to have them sitting around at lunch and being snarky like they used to. And Wilson needs to move back in with House.

And Ali needs to come back. I love her.

In conclusion: Smarmy and mostly badly-written. It had a deux ex machina and was generally disappointing. The patient was boring. Why doesn't House get fun patients anymore? I miss the Obama rip-off. He was kind of fascinating. The slutty faith healer was awesome. The firefighter nearly put me to sleep.

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